Job Interview/Recruitment Tips


Going for job interviews could actually make you feel so tensed, with the fact that you may not know who the interviewer is or the questions that could be asked, or even if you would be able to answer the questions that are being asked. You may want to do some research about the company about when it started and the kind of activities they do, before going for the interview.

 There are various ethics when going for a job interview and when you are being interviewed. You don’t just walk into the office shabbily, poorly dressed, not greeting the interviewer. Do you know that you are being observed immediately you walk into the interviewing room, your posture and looks? These are one of the essential tips you should take note of.

The following ethics will guide you for a successful interview;

  1. Get prepared for the interview. It could be rehearsing likeable interview questions that may be asked. You can practice in front of the mirror, this can help make you comfortable and build your confidence during your interview.
  2. Be well dressed, not too high heels for ladies that can make you uncomfortable or tight shoes/unpolished shoes for men. Be official.
  3. When you enter an office and meet with your interviewer, be confident and greet him/her with a smile, and if they are more than one, greet them also with a smile, you may give a handshake when necessary.
  4. Don’t seat on the next available chair unless you are asked to, and when seated, sit straight and upright keep your hands on your lap. Do not cross your arms above your chest, or your legs, or lean over the table.
  5. If offered a water or juice, kindly accept it. It could help you stabilize you and give you time to get the necessary answers you need.
  6. When asked questions, don’t frown when giving your answers, maintain eye contact and nod your head often to show that you are paying attention.
  7. Avoid stammering, or using vernacular languages. Words like ‘uhm’, ‘as in’, ‘you know’, Try as much as possible to sound confident.
  8. If at the end of the interview, you are asked if you have any questions, definitely say yes. For example, “when am I resuming” or ask questions based on the interview or about the company.
  9. Don’t just leave in a hurry after the interview, thank the interviewer, it definitely shows respect.


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