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ExxonMobile Corporation Recrutment

Job title – Geoscientist

Position –

Experience – 0-3 years

Job Field –

Job Type – Full time/Permanent

Location – Lagos

The Recruitment Notice Team provides you with sufficient and detailed job recruitments and scholarships available for candidates who wish to boost their career and increase their intelligence. We present to you recruitment details on ExxonMobile Corporation

It has developed a long established history in Nigeria, it is well known for oil and gas production Recruitment Notice Team is looking for ambitious and resourceful individuals to join their team.


  • Communication skills. Geoscientists write reports and research papers. …
  • Critical-thinking skills. …
  • Interpersonal skills. …
  • Outdoor skills. …
  • Physical stamina. …
  • Problem-solving skills.


  • collect information in the field, from seismic and well data and other sources
  • monitor the acquisition of data to ensure consistent quality
  • interpret data to determine subsurface geology and the economic importance of natural resources, using sophisticated technical software
  • develop geological models of the earth’s subsurface to understand the geological structure, rock characteristics and the likely distribution of oil/gas/mineral-bearing strata
  • interpret the results in consultation with other earth science professionals
  • assess the potential quality of mineral and hydrocarbon resources
  • collaborate with drilling engineers to determine drilling locations on the basis of the interpretation of the data and models developed
  • produce and presenting geological maps and reports
  • perform detailed geological risk analysis of proposed exploration targets
  • plan and undertake an exploration drilling programme, after collecting and modelling all available data
  • plan the location and trajectory of development wells and putting well proposals together in conjunction with the multidisciplinary team
  • create new opportunities to access remaining reserves
  • implement new technologies in geological modelling and seismic processing
  • advise engineers and senior management on geological factors affecting exploration
  • use satellite imagery, gravity and magnetic surveys for evaluation purposes – this may be part of your role if you’re working in exploration
  • make assessments through study of well core and well fluid samples – in some roles.


  • The successful candidate will have a strong academic record and experience in Geophysical Interpretation, Subsurface maps and cross sections and Geoscience applications.
  • Professional experience from previous work assignments is an added advantage.
  • Bachelor of Science with a minimum of Second Class (Upper Division) in Geology Geophysics or Physics
  • Master’s degree (M.Sc) or ‘Doctor of Philosophy’ (Ph.D.) in Geoscience (Geology or Geophysics)
  • 0-3 years experience in a Geoscience role
  • NYSC discharge or exemption certificate
  • Willingness to work in any location

Method of Application

  • Log onto https://jobs.exxonmobil.com/
  • Click the “Select Country” drop down to display the list of countries available and select Nigeria
  • Click on the “Search button” to be taken to the job listing results page for Nigeria
  • Click the “Search openings” button for results
  • Click on the Job title (Geoscientist) to view full details on the job you are applying for
  • Click the “Apply now” drop down and select Apply now option, fill in your Email and then click “Start”
  • Sign in or click on “Create an Account”
  • To create an account:
    • Fill out the information; required fields are designated with an asterisk * (Please note down your password since you will need it when you log on back for any update)
  • Click the privacy policy link:
    • In the pop-up window click “ExxonMobil Privacy Policy” link to review. Click the YES consent option, this adds a checkmark to the data privacy statement on the main screen:
      • Select your country of Resident from the drop down
      • Click on the “Read and accept the data privacy statement” link
      • Read the information in the pop-up box and click “Accept”
      • Click “Next” to continue
  • Candidate profile and application page will pop up:
    • Fill out information required and also upload supporting files (e.g. Resume)
    • Click “Save” to complete your application profile at a different time or “Submit” to submit your application
    • A message displays confirming the successful submission of your job application. In addition, a confirmation message will be received at the email you used to apply
    • Click “View Profile” if you would like to review the Application form you have just submitted under “Jobs Applied” section

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